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PubMed: Szakterületek: Prostate cancer is globally the second most commonly diagnosed cancer type in men. Recent studies suggest that mutations in DNA repair genes are associated with aggressive forms ofprostate cancer and castration resistance.

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The rationale behind the clinical trials that led tothe current use of PARP inhibitors to treat cancer was to target the dependence of BRCA-mutantcancer cells on the PARP-associated repair pathway due to deficiency in homologousrecombination.

Importantly, PARP-associated DNA repair pathways are also closely connected toandrogen receptor AR signaling, which is a key regulator of tumor growth and a centraltherapeutic target in prostate cancer. In this review, we provide an extensive overview of publishedand ongoing trials exploring PARP inhibitors in treatment of prostate cancer and discuss theunderlying biology.

Several clinical trials are currently studying PARP inhibitor mono-andcombination therapies in the treatment of prostate cancer. Integration of drugs targeting DNArepair pathways in prostate cancer treatment modalities allows developing of more personalizedcare taking also into account the genetic makeup of individual tumors.

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