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Traumás arteriovenosus fistulák a felső végtagon: [Traumatic arteriovenous fistulas of the arm]. Arterial trauma in the first year of life: Traumatismos arteriales en el primer año de vida. MR imaging of laser-tissue interactions.

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Multipathway sequences for MR thermometry. Heat treatment of human esophageal tissues: Effect on esophageal cancer detection using oxygenated hemoglobin diffuse reflectance ratio. Real-time magnetic resonance imaging texture characterization of necrosis during laser interstitital thermotherapy procedures. Laser-induced thermal therapy for tumor ablation. Current intraoperative MRI technologies for neurosurgical field and its future directions. Presentation of various technical update in Interventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

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Development of quantum dot-mediated fluorescence thermometry for thermal therapies. Survival after laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy of colorectal liver metastases - a comparison of first clinical experiences with current therapy results. Non-invasive 3d magnetic resonance thermal mapping: Determination of the lesion size during laser-therapy in ex vivo tissues.


MR temperature monitoring applying the proton resonance frequency method prostate abscess mri radiographics liver and kidney at 0. MR systems for MRI-guided interventions.

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Interventional MR imaging: state of the art and technological advances. Magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound surgery for the noninvasive curative ablation of tumors and palliative treatments: A review.

Image guided therapy. Near-real-time feedback control system for liver thermal ablations based on self-referenced temperature imaging. Magnetic resonance temperature imaging for focused ultrasound surgery: A review. Magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound surgery using an enhanced sonication technique in a pig muscle model.

Uterine fibroids: Diffusion-weighted MR imaging for monitoring therapy with focused ultrasound surgery - Preliminary study. Quantitative MRI-based temperature mapping based on the proton resonant frequency shift: Review of validation studies.

MR-guided laser ablation.

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Magnetic susceptibility effects on the accuracy of MR temperature monitoring by the proton resonance frequency method. Image guided interstitial laser thermotherapy: A canine model evaluated by magnetic resonance imaging and quantitative autoradiography.

High power interstitial laser therapy in congenital vascular malformations. Correcting spatial distortion in histological images. Percutaneous thermoablation of pulmonary metastases. MR thermometry-based feedback control of laser interstitial thermal therapy at nm. MR-guided laser-induced thermotherapy of head and neck tumors.

Laser-induced thermotherapy of neoplastic lesions in the brain - underlying tissue alterations, MRI-monitoring and clinical applicability. Laser-induced thermotherapy of lung metastases and primary lung tumors. Laser-induced thermotherapy of liver metastases.

Interventional and intraoperative MR: review and update of techniques and clinical experience.

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Experimental application of thermosensitive paramagnetic liposomes for monitoring magnetic resonance imaging guided thermal ablation. Triggered, navigated, multi-baseline method for proton resonance frequency temperature mapping with respiratory motion. Three-dimensional method for comparing in vivo interventional MR images of thermally ablated tissue with tissue response. Three dimensional correlation of MR images to muscle tissue response for interventional MRI thermal ablation. Simulations of thermal tissue coagulation and their value for the planning and monitoring of laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy LITT.

MR-guided laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy of liver tumors: Clinical experience and therapy control concept: MRT-gestützte laserinduzierte thermoablation bei lebertumoren - Klinische aspekte und konzept eines überwachungssystems.

Laser-induced thermotherapy LITT of liver metastases: MR-guided percutaneous insertion of an MRI-compatible irrigated microcatheter system using a closed high-field unit. Implementation of a practical model for light and heat distribution using laser-induced thermotherapy near to a large vessel. Feasibility of abdomino-pelvic T1-weighted real-time thermal mapping of laser ablation.

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Computer-controlled production of intracranial lesions using magnetic resonance thermometry. The temperature dependence of ultrasound-stimulated acoustic emission. Magnetic resonance imaging-guided laser thermal ablation of renal tumours. Laser-induced thermotherapy of the vertebral body - Preliminary assessment of safety and real-time magnetic resonance monitoring in an animal model. Intraoperative magnetic resonance: The future of surgery. Dynamic changes during evacuation of a left temporal abscess in open MRI: technical case report.

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Basic principles of laser induced interstitial thermotherapy in brain tumors. Ablative therapy for liver tumours. Thermal ablation of liver metastases: Current status and perspectives. Temperature quantification using the proton frequency shift technique: In vitro and in vivo validation in an open 0. Stereotactic guided laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy SLITT in prosztatarák alternatív gyógymódja with intraoperative morphologic monitoring in an open MR-unit.

Prostate cancer types of cells - [Immunotherapy in the treatment of genitourinary cancers]

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging in animal research. Novel laser system and laser irradiation method reduced the risk of carbonization during laser interstitial thermotherapy: Assessed by MR temperature measurement. MR-guided laser-induced thermotherapy in recurrent extrahepatic abdominal tumors.

Laser-induced thermotherapy of malignant liver tumors: General principals, equipment sprocedure s - Side effects, complications and results. Laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy of liver metastases in an interventional 0.

Interstitial laser therapy of congenital vascular malformations with MRI guidance. Interactive prostate abscess mri radiographics FOV imaging for projection reconstruction and spiral acquisition. Thermal lesion conspicuity following interstitial radiofrequency prostate abscess mri radiographics tumor ablation in humans: A comparison of STIR, turbo spin-echo T2-weighted, and contrast-enhanced T1-weighted MR images at 0.

Reliability of water proton chemical shift temperature calibration for focused ultrasound ablation therapy.

Múmia prosztatagyulladással Propolisz alapú kúpok prosztata adenoma kezelésére Az egyiptomiak előszeretettel használták múmiák bebalzsamozásához. Mikor tudok zuhanyozni az aranyér műtét után Hasmenés aranyér epehólyag Mar 10, · Az aranyér téma cikkei. Különösen a terhes nők és az ápolók számára - elengedhetetlen eszköz az aranyér.

Magnetic resonance-guided percutaneous laser ablation of uterine fibroids. Interstitial thermo-ablation under MRI guidance for the treatment of fibroids. Comparison of 2D temperature maps recorded during laser-induced thermal tissue treatment with corresponding temperature distributions calculated from 3D Monte-Carlo simulations.

The future of interventional and intraoperative MRI. Projection-reconstruction reduces FOV imaging. Percutaneous laser-induced thermotherapy of malignant liver tumors. MRI-guided treatment of degenerative spinal diseases.

MRI-guided brain biopsies using a 0. MRI guidance of infra-red laser liver tumour ablations, utilising an open MRT configuration system: technique and early progress. MR-guided laser thermoablation of inoperable renal tumors in an open-configuration interventional MR scanner: Preliminary clinical experience in three cases.

Monitoring of interstitial laser thermotherapy with heat-sensitive colour subtraction magnetic resonance imaging: Calibration with absolute tissue temperature and correlation with predicted lesion size.

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Magnetic resonance MR -guided percutaneous pain therapy of degenerative spinal diseases. Magnetic resonance-guided laser-induced thermotherapy of recurrent head and neck tumors. Laser-induced thermotherapy LITT for retreatment of locally advanced recurrences of breast cancer.

Laparoscopic surgery in a 0. Interventional MR: interstitial therapy. Interventional MR imaging: percutaneous abdominal and skeletal biopsies and drainages of the abdomen.

Interventional MR imaging: Concepts, systems, and applications in neuroradiology. Interventional magnetic resonance imaging of the brain. Interstitial laser coagulation for hepatic tumours.

Improved quantitative MR thermometry using a 1.

Tumor Markers in Cancer diagnosis and Monitoring The first marker of malignant disease in modern medicine was identified in by the English physician-chemist Henry Bence-Jones. Yet, at that time, of course, he was not aware that the protein named as Bence-Jones he discovered, was a pathogenic prostate tumor marker of multiple myeloma. The classic era of tumour markers started in the s with the discovery of two leading oncofetal antigens, alpha-fetoprotein AFP and carcinoembryonic antigen CEA. One of the most widely known tumour markers indicating prostate cancer is the prostate-specific antigen or PSA.

Image-guided procedures: A comparison of three tomographic technologies. Image-guided periradicular therapy of herniated disks. Coagulative interstitial laser-induced thermotherapy of benign prostatic hyperplasia: Online imaging with a T2-weighted fast spin-echo MR sequence - Experience in six patients.

Analysis of changes in MR properties of tissues after heat treatment. Workstation for tomographic microtherapy.